hey wedding photographer!

i know you can book $5k - $10k weddings.

let me show you how.

i know you can book $5k - $10k weddings.

let me show you how.

Learn the RIGHT marketing methods, photography teciniques, and sales skills to book luxury clients.

Even if you don't have a huge instagram following, 10 years of experience, or the fanciest camera.

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hi, photographer friend!

I see you over there - your passion for your craft, serving your clients so well!

You might think you need to discount your prices to get more weddings on the books, charging below $5,000. 

But you're burnt out, right? I've totally been there. I was trying all the things to market my business, but needed a push to start charging the right prices. 

let's get off the

burnout train

If you've felt these things, I was right there with you.

If you've felt these things, I'm right there with you.

every one of us have experienced...


Scrolling instagram for "inspiration" only to feel worse in comparison to my peers, ready to slash my prices just to get some new work to show the world


Feeling frantic and desperate trying to *do all the things* to market my business, without a sense of purpose knowing how to use those marketing hours WELL


Feeling LONELY as a photographer, without any guidance on how to move forward


Maybe you're wishing you could make a great salary without having to be gone so many weekends. It's just so hard! 

a hard truth i have to tell you...

Spending time scrolling instagram won't magically bring dreamy couples your way. 

Instagram Reels work for educators and product shops, but not well for high ticket emotion driven services (like weddings!). 

I was struggling until I embraced the RIGHT marketing strategies, and getting the ACCOUNTABILITY to make it happen!

but  guess what...

You CAN learn the skills that will empower you to...

i have good news!

learn the right marketing tasks to position yourself well in the luxury space

provide the elevated photography experience expected by $10,000 contracts

have confident sales conversations with every lead

bring clients back with a 4 figure portrait experience

provide excellent products to upsell every client, making the most of your marketing effort!

"She is an excellent mentor, and cheerleader for anyone looking to grow in their skills as a photography business owner."

"I only have the highest praise for Klaire and her work. Her photographs are as intimate and warm as they are beautiful, a reflection of who she is as a person. Always thoughtful, quick to listen, and eager to help others in any possible way." 

— sarah bradshaw photography


booking beyond $5k

Start charging premium prices for wedding photography 
even if you don't have a huge online following, the fanciest gear, or live in fear of a saturated market. We'll help you stand out the right way!


Here's What You'll Learn

module one

The Self Assessment

Most business owners fall into the trap of copying other people's goals. Let's take a step back and create goals and pricing for YOUR unique life situation.

module two

The Business Audit

Curious how you can test the health of your business? We have a simple framework so you can always analyze which tasks need the most help in your business.

Work smarter, not harder!

module three


This PACKED module will help shed light on what strategies work best for photographers charging $7 - $12k for weddings.

I'm handing over my email templates and marketing collateral Canva designs so you can get going FAST.

module four

Sales Skills

Once someone has inquired, how do you handle the conversation?

If you're missing this skill, you won't have any clients to serve in the first place.

module five

Wedding Day Tips

My gear and settings that help serve my clients best on wedding days.

You'll be surprised what their number one request is this year!

module six

Client Experience Marketing

The marketing tactics within your client experience that have them RAVING to their friends to work with you.

My booking gift, same day slideshow tutorial, and strategy for always getting clients to leave a review!

module seven

Albums & Products

If couples are serious about investing in their photography experience, physical albums are a must.

Learn how to communicate the value of albums, and my favorite shops to order from.

module eight

4 Figure Portraits

Once you've worked with a couple, keep them in your orbit by providing an impeccable portrait experience!

Learn the basic framework to provide tangible products so you can charge $1,000, $2,000, even $3,000 for a portrait session.

Hey friend, I'm Klaire!

A wedding photographer from DC shooting for almost 10 years.

I've experienced EVERY emotion you're going through right now. I've felt excited about the chance to run a business, the burnout from trying *all the things,* and the confusion around how to generate revenue in my business.

After becoming a mom in 2021, I wanted to spend my time wisely more than EVER before. 

The material we cover in this Group Coaching Program covers everything I've learned to market to and serve the luxury market. 

My average wedding booking is now $9,000 and I feel so much better spending less Saturdays away!

This isn't just a course.

this is group coaching!

I'll be there to answer your questions, and you'll have the community of other photographers learning with you! 

Study at your own pace with recorded lessons

2 live group
calls per month

ask questions in our group slack channel

Follow a proven roadmap

are you ready to start booking beyond $5k?

first, apply below

Fill out our quick application so we can see if this is the next best step in your business!

select your payment plan

Choose which payment option is right for you, then you'll be able to join the group immediately!

get ready to build your dream business!

You're in! Get ready to learn and grow in a great community of photographers!




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How does this sound?

this can be your reality sooner than you think:

book $5k, $7, $10k weddings

work with dream clients

learn in community, with accountability!

get precious family time back

bring clients back for a 4 figure portrait experience

apply NOw!

edit weddings in 48 hours


Grab your seat today and get our Editing Course for free!

After trying every AI software out there, I created a course to show you how to edit EVERY wedding in 48 hours. No more wasting time behind your laptop!


i want to empower you to work part time

and make a full time salary.

so you can get back to spending time doing what matters most

"I can not imagine a better mentor to help level up your photography business. "

Klaire is an incredibly kind human and gifted luxury photographer. This course is full of so much incredible information. If you are willing to put in the work, this course will pay for itself multiple times over when you implement the information inside. There’s really nothing like it that I’ve seen offered for new photographers out there."

— melissa palka photography

"She is an excellent mentor, and cheerleader for anyone looking to grow in their skills as a photography business owner."

"I only have the highest praise for Klaire and her work. Her photographs are as intimate and warm as they are beautiful, a reflection of who she is as a person. Always thoughtful, quick to listen, and eager to help others in any possible way." 

— sarah bradshaw photography

This is for you if:

you need help booking luxury weddings

loving people well is right up your ally


you're already booking high paying weddings

you would rather post on social media and hope for the best

It's probably not for you if...


Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I make my investment back?

This depends on how you use the strategies in the program! We'll talk through price jump expectations, and how to supplement your income while making big jumps! 

The coaching is 4 months - will I still have lesson access afterward?

YES! You'll have lifetime access to the recorded lessons so you can continue to refer back to them even after you finish coaching with Klaire!

I've never shot a wedding. Is this program right for me?

This program is great for students with at least a year or 2 of experience shooting weddings. We might make a beginners program in the future!

I want to join, but might need one on one coaching instead. Do you offer that as well?

Yes we do! Feel free to reach out via email and we can discuss one on one coaching options: klairedixius@gmail.com


Weddings we've photographed


Number of times I cried about that


Number of iced americanos needed per day to make it happen


Our average booking rate

Still on

the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! I would love to answer any questions you have!

send me an email