now's the time to master ai

so you can edit your weddings

in 48 hours or less.

so you can edit your weddings

in 48 hours or less.

I've taken everything I've learned over the last decade as a wedding photographer and photo editor so YOU can cull and edit your weddings quickly, and get back to shooting.

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welcome to the photo editing course made just for wedding photographers

Imagine getting home from a wedding, knowing editing your photos will be a BREEZE. How many more couples could you book if this part of the process was streamlined? Better yet, how much more quality time could you spend with your family?

Ready for your

life to change?

Photo Editing can be a frustrating part of the process...

Photo Editing can be a frustrating part of the process...

but it doesn't have to be

How many nights have you spent burning the midnight oil just to get a gallery out on time, wishing you can get out of your editing chair?

You wish you could hire a photo editor, but don't want the extra expense. Shouldn't there be an easier way to get this done?

Maybe you're seeing rumors about AI editing technology but you have no idea where to start

Maybe you wish you could just learn how to make this process FAST without going through the pain of trying every AI software out there yourself.

but guess what...

BEFORE I USED THIS SYSTEM, EDITING WAS SO FRUSTRATING. You can create a standard system you use each time that shaves hours off your workload, all while providing consistent photos to happy clients.

Editing your photos CAN be simple.

But now that I know how to use AI effectively, I'll never go back.


editing accelerated

The Photo Editing course that teaches how to realistically use AI technology so you can cull AND edit your photos in 48 hours.


Here's What You'll Learn

Module One

Essential Prep

For easy editing...
1. Shooting well on the wedding day
2. Backing up your images well

module two

Culling with AI

How I use a FREE AI software to cull my images quickly so my clients receive the best of the best, and my Lightroom catalog is not overwhelmed

module three

Efficient Editing Without AI

Nervous about using AI? 
I got your back! Learn how I edit 1000+ images in 5 hours.

module four

Realistically Using AI for Photo Editing

The CRUCIAL mindset you need to have to use AI, and how I use a particular program to edit weddings in 2 hours.

How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:

easily edit weddings in 48 hours

more family time

ability to book more clients

master the newest ai available

learn a repeatable editing system

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How It works

First This

Shoot intentionally

Then this

Organize your images well, and efficiently

then this

Use the newest AI software to edit your photos with lightning speed

In the midst of busy season you will have wished you started today...

So let's get started!

Our go-to lightroom

our go to preset, for 50% off

Grab the course today and get our film inspired Black and White Preset!

Our Black and White preset for editorial style weddings and cozy family photos is yours when you decide to edit your weddings in 48 hours!


today's the
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Study at your own pace

zero fluff videos that coach you through my exact process

get connected to a professional editor

Follow a proven roadmap

hey there!

I'm klaire, your new

editing bestie.

You can try AI for editing on your own, but if you're anything like me, you just want someone to tell you what WORKS. I got you covered.

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This program includes everything

you need to edit FAST.

Sick of wasting your time? This course is the cure.

This is for you if:

You need a clear system for fast editing

you crave more time with family

you're finally ready to master ai 

editing is super easy for you

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO try a new system

It's probably not for you if...



Let's Do This Thing!


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Still on

the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Contact us via email below.

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