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Wedding Tips | 7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Wedding Planner


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Ahead, she shares her insight surrounding the decision to hire a wedding planner and he advice on the topics…

Woo-hoo! Congrats! You’ve joyfully said “yes” to forever and now you and your beloved are looking to plan the wedding of your dreams. There’s a lot to initially think about when you get engaged. What’s your date? Do you want to get married soon or wait a little while?  I’m sure there are a hundred questions running through your mind right now.  Guess who will help you navigate all of your questions? Yep, a wedding planner!

I totally understand why some couples and families are hesitant to spend the money on a planner – your mom is totally organized, your brother plays violin, your Aunt Linda ties amazing bows, your Cousin Joe is a running back at his college and can lift any number of tables and chairs you could imagine and you already know you want pink flowers.

But here’s a list of why a professional is going to help you do it better, with less stress and more fun. Below you’ll find five reasons why hiring a wedding planner will be the best decision you make during your engagement.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

1. You Don’t Want Wedding Planning to Take Over Your LifeLife doesn’t stop when you get engaged! Although you have this task of wedding planning in front of you, you still have a job, friends, family and a life to live! A wedding planner leads your planning team. As your planner, we create a timeline for you so that you aren’t overwhelmed by what needs to get done. At the beginning our time together, we’ll sit down and discuss what needs to get done month by month. I act as your go-to person throughout your engagement and take things off of your plate so you can find the balance between wedding planning and everything else going on in your life. Besides, this engagement period is meant to build your relationship closer with your future hubby – an everlasting, joyous marriage is the main goal – the wedding is just the celebration of that! Focus on what matter most!

2. You Want to Stay on Budget But Still Have Your Ideal WeddingPlanners have tons of money saving hacks! The thing is, you could spend an arm and a leg planning a wedding. You could have the best intentions of setting a budget but unless you have someone staying on top of the numbers, it can be easy to lose track of what is being spent where. As your wedding planner, I’ll not only help you set a budget and stick to it, but I’ll help you to navigate how to get the best prices on vendors, decor and every little thing that goes into a wedding.

3. You Want Wedding Planning to be as Stress-Free as PossibleFamily drama? I get it. Not sure how to navigate the wedding industry? That’s our specialty. Weddings are emotional. No matter how well your families do or don’t get along, there will be a least a bit of drama along the way. As a wedding planner, I act as a neutral third party. I’ve done this before and I know how to make this whole wedding planning process as stress-free and simple as possible.

4. You Have a Vision But You Don’t Know How to Execute It: Whether you’re someone who has dreamed of their wedding your whole life or you just signed up for a Pinterest account, as a wedding planner I help you create a cohesive wedding look. Your wedding is the moment when you and your fiancé get to present yourselves to your family and friends as people who are going to build their lives together. You want your wedding to reflect your values, style and personalities. A wedding planner helps to bring all of those elements together and infuses them into every aspect of your day.

5. You Want Your Wedding Day to Be Fun Not Full of Logistics: The last thing a bride or groom wants to be worrying about the day of their wedding is whether or not they remembered to write a check for the D.J…or if Aunt Sally remembered that granddad has a special seat at the ceremony…or if enough vehicles are available for everyone to get from one space to the next. You get it. There are a lot of logistics that go into a wedding day. Don’t burden yourself as a bride or groom with having to manage details on your wedding day. You should be focused on marrying the love of your life and enjoying your big day. As a wedding planner, I provide you with a day-of timeline, coordinate everything for the day-of and make sure the trains run on time.

6. Loss Of Family/Friends Into The Wedding Blackhole: We get it! You want to save some bucks, don’t want to worry about logistics, and think your ____ (mom, sister, friend, etc.) will be able to handle all the day-of wedding details and/or wedding planning! WRONG. Sadly, that is an all too common mistake I see time and time again! Sometimes everything runs smoothly, sometimes it goes terribly wrong, but almost always it takes that special person out of your day. They aren’t able to enjoy any of the moment, relax, or just be a guest …. they are constantly thinking about what to do next and making sure everything is set. It’s an extremely stressful day, especially if you are emotionally connected to the wedding in any way – they feel that pressure to make everything perfect, which seldom happens. That is why you should leave it to a professional – they are not emotionally attached, all your guests can truly be present, and this is so second nature to us after 50+ weddings that any snags that arise are able to be fixed in seconds! This is one day that you can re-do, make sure you are making the right decision if you are choosing to have a family member/friend take on that weight.

7. Return On Investment: Last but certainly not least is the “Return On Investment” factor! Every couple has their priorities/splurges for the wedding day – things that are most important to them. For example; photography, music, food, florals, you name it! But the problem is….. they invest big bucks into those areas and forgo a planner or a month-of coordinator and end up not getting their potential “return on investment”. Let me explain: A wedding planner/coordinator is able to help organize the entire day, interact with all the vendors, which in turn allows them to do the best job they possibly can do – thus maximizing your investment! Without a coordinator, the wedding day can get messy fast and next thing you know the photographer has to spend an extra hour gathering all these family members (whom they have no idea who they are) because the wedding planner wasn’t there to help facilitate family photos! Another example: the DJ plays the wrong first dance song because a coordinator wasn’t there to double check and remind him your first dance song!!

The list goes on and on – believe me, I have seen it first hand. Many couples think – no that won’t be me, well sadly time is a non-renewable resource, your wedding day won’t have a re-do button, and you will be investing a good chunk into this celebration, you won’t have the luxury to wait until the end to find out if that was you or not! We hate to see couples have regrets post wedding. Retrospective is the best perspective. You should be present and stress-free during your wedding day, alongside all your loving family/friends, backed by a team of amazing wedding vendors that 110% have your day covered, and you will be able to look back without regrets but memories because you were truly able to enjoy every minute from “yes, I will marry you!” to “I Do” and beyond!!!

You can check out more about Alexandria’s heart for weddings and her team at Purposefully Designed Events here

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